September 29, 2015

T and B Foundry Building in Cleveland Ohio


Finally the Foundry…

T and B Foundry Building in Cleveland Ohio

When out exploring I have passed this building many times and even tried to get in once but thought it was pretty secure. Secure is a relative term as all of the windows are pretty much busted out. But without a ladder they are tough to get in to. Some fellow explorers and I decide to give it another shot and were pleasantly surprised to see that a side door was wide open.

There was not much to the building and rooftop access was a no-go due to all of the steps in the stairway leading to the roof being removed. There was supposed to be a room that had a floor covered in moss that was to be pretty cool, but sadly there was not much moss left.

Building History

The Taylor & Boggis (T&B) foundry on Cleveland’s east side was Cleveland’s longest operating foundry; it opened in the 1860s and made its last pour in early 2012.



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