August 2, 2015

Otto’s Abandoned Greenhouse in Northern Ohio


Going Green

Otto’s Abandoned Greenhouse in Northern Ohio

I love exploring new places, even those that have been explored many times before by other photographers or explorers. This is one of those places that is all over the internet, but it was totally worth the trip and time. Besides the tree branch that poked me in the eye and knocked my contact loose, nature showed its true beauty and resolve.

The Otto’s complex is in northern Ohio and is a long row of huge greenhouses one after another. You can walk from end to end without leaving the green humid confines of this abandoned greenhouse. Looking at the ground you can see a lot of glass panels that have fallen over the years from a mixture of time, weather and plants/trees growing below. This place was amazing to walk through but eerie at the same time. The tree and vines are so thick that you cannot see too far around you. The growth inside helped muffle the noises from outside and stopped the noises you make from traveling too far. You can hear birds in the greenery above, but I didn’t see a single bird inside. The only sign of wildlife I saw was spider webs, as I walked into them – face first.

I am going to try to go back each season to see just how different nature can display itself based on the time of year. Each version will be beautiful in it’s own way, I cannot wait to witness it.[/one_third]

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