September 23, 2015

Old Leisy Brewery in Clevelands Tremont Neighborhood


Old to New Brew

Old Leisy Brewery in Clevelands Tremont Neighborhood

This old building off of Train in Tremont has been on my must explore list for a while. When I read about the plans for developers to repurpose the old Leisy brewery into something new I was happy to see that it would remain standing and not be demolished. But that meant I needed to get in before it was too late.

I had contacted one of the developers and he generously agreed to let me in and photograph the large empty building. The two main developers are turning the space into what they are calling a “gypsy” brewery. This will be a unique space where micro brewers can brew, package and store their beers without investing in their own facilities. We had a meeting set up, but sadly we were unable to meet up and make the exploration happen.

Fast forward to just the other day when a fellow explorer, photographer and friend messaged a small group of explorers saying she had found a way to get in. In her own words she “charmed her way in” after scouting it out in her stilettos. Katt was able to talk to some of the construction team renovating the building and they agreed to let us in to explore and shoot.

This building was well worth the wait – large open rooms, enough graffiti to add character, rooftop access and tons of green glass gave it a unique feel. The basement was very dark and creepy and why I do not explore basements on my own. It was nice to have someone explore it with me. At the very back end of the basement was a pretty big boiler room with a large tank still left behind – sporting a smiley face.



IMG_8435 IMG_8430 IMG_8427
Above: Two shots of the first room to be used after being sandblasted and cleaned up. Notice the cool arched brick ceilings. IMG_8417
Above: Not only Kat get us in to the building she brought super nice modelsIMG_8368 IMG_8378

Above: I went in, would you?IMG_8383 IMG_8348 IMG_8339   IMG_8449