July 29, 2015

Cleveland to BG and Back


My Way and No Highway

Cleveland to BG and Back

I have a dream to one day drive from the east coast to the west coast, with basically my camera and maybe a toothbrush. No plans, no reservations, just go and drive and take photos at my own pace. I  started small, real small.

I recently drove from Cleveland to Bowling Green, then Toledo to Findlay and then back east to Cleveland. All without the highway. I learned it was fun and I want to do more, but also that it also takes longer than I thought.

I set out with a map on my phone of cool or abandoned places between Toledo and Cleveland. Some of the places were more like scouting trips than actual site visits. I was able to explore a good handful of abandoned places, but also enjoyed the spur of the moment stops as I saw something that caught my attention. I found some amazing buildings and beautiful houses along the way.

And darn it, I am going to have to take another road trip. My cell phone coverage crapped out on me and my map app was not working properly so I missed a lot of places. I guess I will go back out…

Overall the trip was a success and I cannot wait to do it again. Here are some of the random things I saw over a course of two days. [/one_third]


Make sure you check your rearview before you slam on your breaks when spotting a beauty like this…IMG_6084 IMG_6069

I didn’t get a chance  to go into this one, The neighbors were watching pretty closely.

Not a baaaad picture huh?IMG_6062

The back door on this property was locked, but this photograph made the stop worth it.IMG_6058

What do you see? Starts with a P-E… Pepper Shaker!IMG_6052

I would love to have this cool camper to drive cross country and explore.IMG_6020

Just a little trestle in Toledo.IMG_5979

This is called a ghost sign, this one is in Toledo. HUGE building, but closed up pretty tight.IMG_5974

A wrong turn and a map not working led me to this cool little light show.IMG_5888 IMG_5870

Made it to the shores of Lake Erie just in time to catch this gorgeous sunset.IMG_5824 IMG_5782

Couldn’t get into the building next door, but got to check out this steer and his friend.

Unique, beautiful and huge.IMG_5771

Lorain – Black River Bridge

This was what you call a diamond in the rough. Very unique and well done.IMG_5683