January 16, 2015

Abandoned Warner and Swasey Building


Big and Empty

Not my head, but this large vacant building on the east side of Cleveland. The abandoned Warner and Swasey Building was completed in 1910 and left to crumble in 1985. The Warner and Swasey Company supplied parts for a lot of wartime machinery; from tommy guns to planes. It cool to think they may have played a large part in the victory of WWI and WWII.

The building is mostly empty except a good number of large graffiti pieces. Higher floors provide a great view of the skyline with the city in the foreground.



IMG_1999 IMG_1961 IMG_1958 IMG_1954 IMG_1927 IMG_1920 IMG_1917 IMG_1886 IMG_1916 IMG_1898 IMG_1877  IMG_1865 IMG_1862

Information gathered from: Jim Dubelko, “Warner and Swasey Building,” Cleveland Historical, accessed January 17, 2015, http:/​/​clevelandhistorical.​org/​items/​show/​623.​