February 14, 2016

Abandoned Ottos Greenhouse in Ohio


This Greenhouse Isn’t So Green

Abandoned Ottos Greenhouse in Ohio

This was my second trip to Ottos up near Lake Erie. The first time I was here was in the summer and it was a completely different experience. During the summer the trees and vines were dense and green. During the winter everything was bare and open. Things sounded differently – from the wind and the crunch of glass under my boots. The snow blanketing the glass that is left in the roof let in enough light but contained the sound. It was like being in one big light box, but very cold.

I tried to focus on more of the details this time around but ended up reverting back to wide shots to get the feeling just how big open things are. Looks like I will have to travel back in the spring and then again in the fall to capture all four seasons of nature taking over.


IMG_7630 IMG_7638 IMG_7640 IMG_7643 IMG_7648 IMG_7658 IMG_7660