August 30, 2015

Abandoned Street in Eastside Cleveland Suburb


Making way for progress…

Abandoned Street in Eastside Cleveland Suburb

On my way back to work on lunch one day I went down a little side street and noticed a run down looking house in an otherwise nice area. Then the next time I noticed another one. Then I really began to look at the other houses and realized there was a good handful that looked like no one had been there for a while. This is in a nice suburb of Cleveland on the Eastside and I was surprised to see such disregard for properties.

Then one day I noticed there was a work crew tearing down some tree on the same street, and noticed a pretty large crew looking like they were about to start demoing a house. It all clicked at once that this street was being shut down on purpose. I stopped to talk with a demo crew member and he told me that the whole street was being cleared for yet another shopping center. I was pretty surprised because there was a shopping at the end of this street and two more within a couple of miles.

I was shocked by the news but excited about the prospect of exploring some empty houses before they were torn down. I was worried that there really wouldn’t be anything interesting to see and photograph. I decided to check it out anyhow. Another explorer and I set out to see what we could find. A few of the houses were accessible but most were locked up tightly. The surprising thing about the homes were how much stuff was left behind. And not just garbage but kids toys, pieces of luggage and random items that made me question the homeowners choices. We assumed that there was a buy-out of the owners property and they had plenty of time to pack and move their belongs. So if you had time, why would you leave your kids tricycle in the living room or your dog kennels in the backyard.



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