October 10, 2015

Abandoned School on Clevelands Eastside


What a waste

Abandoned School on Clevelands Eastside

There are so many empty buildings on the East side of Cleveland, including schools. This one is just another casualty in the battle of waste on the East side. This building was once a school in a busy neighborhood where people need an education or even just a place to be off the streets. Why would this big building not have been used for something else – a homeless shelter, office space or art studios? The city hangs on to these buildings like little trinkets that they cannot part with.

The saddest part was seeing the school supplies, chairs, and books just laying there, when we all know some kid somewhere could really use them. The picture of the books wasn’t meant to be a great photo, but just a snapshot to document the wasted books just sitting in a nice cabinet. Some of those books were still in their shrink wrap.



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