August 23, 2015

Abandoned Party and Display Company in Cleveland


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Abandoned Party and Display Company in Cleveland

Some places are harder to get into than others. This one was pretty easy. There is a huge hole in the wall.

I had hear about this building for a while, it was referred to as the “empty building with all the Christmas decorations”. Finally deciding to check it out was worthwhile – was easy to get into and had some interesting aspects. The building had recently been set on fire and arson investigation signs were posted on the front of the building. At one point, most of the windows were glass block but most of the windows were now busted out leaving thick shards of glass lining the window sills.

There were plenty of Christmas decorations as well as other display and party supplies. The place was littered with water logged supplies, mostly unrecognizable. But every once in a while you would see something like a busted plastic cactus or paper oriental umbrellas.

The cool thing about exploring places like this is that even though the buildings stand abandoned, they are constantly changing, either from people or the elements. I am sure what I saw after the fire was vastly different from what someone else may have seen just a few weeks earlier.



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