August 15, 2015

Abandoned Mexican Restaurant in Ohio


¿Abandonado? Sí , vienen en!
Abandoned Mexican Restaurant in Ohio

I had seen this building online is another photographers post. I liked the style of the building and the old sign. I added it to my list of places to check out when on my little road trip. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the building was not only still there but “open” to be explored.

After talking to a friendly neighbor and letting him know what I was up to, I went in through an apartment at the back. I made my way through to the front where the former bar and diner were.

The front looked like a typical local Mexican joint, sombreros and other festive decorations had been left behind. But in a town with a large hispanic population –  this was probably the place to eat. It was definitely not a chain restaurant and had that home-made feeling made apparent by the decor and setup.   There was a decent sized bar at one point with a large dining area at the back of the restaurant area.



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