July 20, 2015

Abandoned House in Nova Ohio


Very Creepy Indeed

Abandoned House in Nova Ohio

This house in Nova looks like something out of a murder movie. But it’s not.

There is a guy who takes photos and tries to sell books by lying about backstories and locations of the places he explores. This house in the small town of Nova and although very creepy looking there is not a murderous background. But if it wan’t for him, maybe I would not have found this cool decaying house in the middle of nowhere Ohio.

Over-grown with weeds that looked more like trees, the house is in pretty bad shape but still a beautiful building. The boards covering the windows are grey with age, and the side door was wide open. The inside was dark with plaster, mold and who knows what else covering the floor. The stairs leading to the upstairs were some of steepest stairs I have ever seen. Old chairs were left in some of the rooms, and one room was completely filled with old bed frames and springs. I opted out of checking out two rooms upstairs due to a decent sized hole in the hallway floor, but I am sure I would have found more of the same.

There was a large barn/shed behind the house that I went to check out. As I was walking down the little path towards it, I heard something large rustling in the weeds up ahead. I paused and it sounded like it was maybe at the edge of the barn and the weeds, but I still couldn’t see it. But, it sounded like it was coming towards me. I have never been a good runner, in fact my nickname growing up playing baseball was “truck”, but that day I felt like the fastest runner ad I turned and took off for my car. As I was running I could still whatever it was moving behind me. Obviously I made it back to my car before the rabbit or whatever it was devoured me. [/one_third]


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