September 28, 2015

Abandoned Greenhouse Complex in Mentor Ohio


Nature taking over…

Abandoned Greenhouse Complex in Mentor Ohio

Nature taking over is a phrase heard often when talking about urban exploration and photography. But my 4 year old loves the term and uses it whenever she can. Driving down West 25th if she sees an empty lot with tall grass or weeds along an old brick building, she yells out “Nature!”. In this case nature has taken over where it once thrived under a watchful eye.

This old greenhouse complex is currently being torn down to make room for housing in a typical Mentor neighborhood. I am not one of those that will moan and groan about development of unused land, but greenhouses are pretty cool. Especially old ones that are slowly falling apart. It looks like at one time the greenhouse may have produced flowers for Heinens, but I am not sure. Either way, it was a large complex that will no longer be around

I have photographed two other greenhouses this summer and was happy to find this one as well. Another explorer had mentioned it buy wanted to protect it’s actual location – understandably. Well to tell me about something but not give me all the information is a challenge I can’t turn down.

Luckily I made it out on the day I did because construction crews had started to tear apart the complex. They were actually on site as I explored.



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