September 27, 2015

Abandoned Building and Courtyard in Downtown Cleveland


Hidden, But Wide Open

Abandoned Building and Courtyard in Downtown Cleveland

This hidden gem in downtown Cleveland is such a weird little spot. It’s tucked away behind some restaurant and nightlife destinations in the Warehouse district. I have seen the empty courtyard before from above but never went down to explore it. It is rumored to have hosted a few “Shakespeare in the Park” performances but I am not sure when those took place.

The large hole in the side of the building actually serves a purpose and allows delivery and pick-up of garbage dumpsters for the surrounding businesses. But from there it is confusing as to whats going on. There is still power to some parts of the building that looks like it had once been some type of machine shop. It looks like it has been a long time since business was down there and now large parts are used for storage. Random tables, desks, carts and balloons, yes balloons were found inside. And of course there was a large metal safe. I have been coming across safes in a few of my recently explored buildings. I am assuming they are so large no one knows what to do with them.

Thanks to a fellow explorer for reminding me about the courtyard and pointing out the fact that there is a large hole that is just calling for explorers to check it out.




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